Loyalty Rewards Program

Start Earning Points with Loyalty Card

When you shop you earn points. At check out your sales representative will offer you an invitation into our Rewards Program. For every dollar you spend, you earn. Once you sign up, we will give you a rewards card and enter your points into your account. Once you have 1,000 points you can redeem them or continue to accumulate them.

Point system

3% off

3,000 Points

5% off

5,000 points

7% off

7,000 Points

10% off

10,000 points

How do you earn points?

Every dollar you spend equals a point. You can begin redeeming your points once you have accumulated 1,000

Do my previous purchases count towards my points?

Qualifying purchases begin September 1, 2015. Returning customers will be given 500 points built into their account as a thank you for being a loyal customer!

Do I have to pay to become a Rewards Member?

The Rewards Program is free! Ask your sales representative for more information on how to sign up.

Do I get points if I refer family and friends?

Yes! When you refer someone and they purchase from us, you will both receive an extra 100 points to your account.


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