Highmeadow 12″ Memory foam Mattress


By Serta

Model : Highmeadow

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Highmeadow 12″ Gel Memory are made to help solve 5 common sleep problems A good, comfortable night’s sleep is something everyone wants and needs. Sleep refreshes us and helps us feel and perform better throughout our busy days. This mattress helps with  Tossing and Turning, Lack of Support, Uncomfortable Sleep Temperature, Partner Disturbance and Mattress Roll-Off or Sag.

Prices are marked as mattress Only and set which includes mattress and box spring


Mattress Only

Twin XL  $769 Mattress only

Full           $829 Mattress only

Queen      $839 Mattress only

King          $1039 Mattress only

Mattress and Box spring

Twin XL set $899.99

Full set         $979.99

Queen set     $999.99

King set         $1299.99





Model: Highmeadow


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King Mattress, Queen Mattress, Full Mattress, Twin Mattress, King Set, Queen Set, Full Set, Twin Set


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