Trelleburg Super pillow top firm


Trelleburg super pillow top firm

Serta Mattress set 



The Perfect Sleeper® Trelleburg Super Pillow Top FIRM Mattress offers luxurious comfort and excellent support and is ideal for Back and Side Sleepers. Pressure relieving comfort helps reduce tossing and turning, encourages proper back support and alignment. Plus, the Trelelburg manages sleep surface temperature. Want to elevate your experience, try a lifestyle base for the ultimate in comfort.


Mattress and Box spring

Twin:           $1049.99

Full:               $1199.99

Queen           $1269.99

King                $1849.99


Mattress only 

Twin:      $859.99

Full:        $1059.99

Queen:   $1099.99

King:       $1589.99






Model:Trelleburg Super pillow top firm


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Trelleburg sptf

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